Increase billable time with call tracking.

Corvum helps you accurately track your client calls and invoice time in Clio.  

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Manage all aspects of your calls through Corvum, saving time and increasing billables

Integrate your call history, and contact details between Corvum and Clio seamlessly

Corvum brings all of your Clio contacts and call related activities under one unified platform with great features such as visual voicemail, bulk deletions and more.

Link calls to notes, contacts and matters and automatically sync your data to Clio

Save time by taking notes anytime during, or after, calls and link them to contacts and matters all within Corvum’s intuitive platform, saving time, effort and money.

Manage your call and voicemail settings from within Corvum’s simplified settings interface

With Corvum, you can adjust your call, desk phone and voicemail settings conveniently, all from within one easy to use platform.

...keeping good time records can lead to higher billings and a more productive law practice.

Janice Mucalov, LL.B.

Canadian Bar Association