Keep your call data in the country. 


We’re sticklers for confidentiality and data privacy.


- 3 independent Canadian data centres

- Sensitive client call data never leaves the country

Phones that work so you can work smarter:

Our cloud-based phone services and smart technology solutions streamline your

firm's business processes and automate tedious administrative tasks.

  • Canadian controlled and operated

  • Take client calls anywhere

  • Keep your personal number private

  • Visual voicemail and voicemail-to-email

  • Accurately track call time

  • Take notes in real-time

  • Identify billable time

  • Syncs with Clio: contacts, phone logs and matters

We're a tech company that knows lawyers.

The bulk of our clients are lawyers. Heck, even our families are full of lawyers! We get lawyers. So we created cloud-based phone services to make lawyers' lives  easier. 

"Corvum stands out from the crowded marketplace that we're in, because we legitimately care about our customers. When our customers call us, humans answer the phone. We always have a human answering the phone, you never get voicemail."

Jason Baumer
Cofounder, CORVUM
  • LinkedIn - White Circle

 "One of the tools lawyers love using is Clio.  We’ve decided to integrate with Clio, so that the practice management system already in use is seamlessly integrated with their phone system from Corvum: the lawyer doesn’t have to worry about learning and using a different tool."

Graham Nelson-Zutter
Cofounder, CORVUM

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Security and privacy are essential for industry compliance.

“Lawyers who wish to store confidential data in the cloud— notably data covered by professional secrecy—should give preference to clouds that consist of servers located only on Canadian soil and under the control of Canadian entities.” 

 IT Guide - Technology Management and Security for Lawyers and Their Teams 

Our communication tools for lawyers are transformative.

And our service is shockingly good.

"Corvum provides us with excellent VoIP service, amazing support, and a hosted solution that enables us to securely connect our offices from coast to coast!"

Zoran Komljenovic

IT Manager | Ecojustice

With our former provider,

I didn’t realize our calls were leaving Canada. I’m happy that, with Corvum, our calls now stay within Canada”

Drew Dennis

Executive Director | Pivot Legal

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